My Mary Kay Launch Special

To start off my Mary Kay journey I am offering a month long promotion!! In the month of August if you purchase the Timewise 3D set by placing a personal order directly with me or an order on my website I will send you the To Go travel set valued at $25 of the same products for free!! I love my travel set when I am traveling as I do not have to take my full sized products with me so it saves space in my makeup bag and my suitcase!! Place your order on my website listed below. If you are here locally, see me, and I can get you your order placed right away.

My Mary Kay Website


My Reason Why

So I bet you are all wondering…..Sherlyn, you’ve been approached by almost every MLM on the planet and always said no, why Mary Kay? My reason why is for three reasons.

1. I have worn Mary Kay for years and wanted to expand the products I used. When I added up how much I spent on makeup and skin products in a year it was easy to see why joining Mary Kay was going to save me money and give me the opportunity to earn money to pay for all of the amazing products I had on my wish list. I love the eye shadow and skin care products so it was absolutely a perfect reason to join.

2. I am a professional photographer and have a modeling group where we do fun shoots with tweens, teens and adults and wanted to be able to give away samples and products to my clients and kiddos. We will be able to do facials, masks and makeovers with some of the most amazing products in the market. I will be able to treat my photography clients with surprises every once in awhile.

3. We have a lot of girls in our family that love makeup so I will be able to bless family and friends with products that I am absolutely passionate about!! I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me!!

Five Minute Cheer Bow

My granddaughter was in a parade today with our high school cheer team. She didn’t have a bow that matched the t-shirt so this crafty Gigi decided to whip one up.

Here’s how I made a cute and easy drama free bow.

You will need ribbon, glue gun, scissors and a hair clip. I used gold lace and royal blue satin ribbons for her bow.

Cut the ribbon in two different lengths. One will be for the tails and the other for the bow. You can make it any size you want.

Take the lengths you cut for the tail, bend them in half and then glue to the hair clip.

Turn the bow length upside down and then put a glue fit in the center. Then glue the ends to the center.

Cut a small piece of the smaller width ribbon and tie it in the center to make the bow piece.

Cut all the way to the knot and glue the knot in place. Flip over and glue the bow to the clip.

Adjust the bow to make it look the way you want and it’s ready to wear when the hot glue cools down. It’s not perfect but I used what I had in my house to make a bow that she loved and matched her outfit!

Unicorn Cheese Bread Cookie

Today I made a fun and healthy lunch for my preschool aged grand peeps!! I have learned over the years that the best way to get a preschooler to try new things is to make lunch time fun. The chicken tenders are lightly seasoned and then baked in the oven to the correct cooked temperature. The plate is then finished off with steamed broccoli, fresh grapes and a “cheese bread cookie”.

The “cheese bread cookie” is just 12 grain bread toasted. I then cut the toast with cookie cutters. I made a unicorn for granddaughter and a bunny head for my grandson. All you do put cheese on top (I used colby jack cheese slices) and lightly melt in the microwave or oven for a bit. I then used a butter knife to “frost” the “cookie” to even out the cheese topping.

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A Child’s Perspective

While I often use stock images from Photofy for my quotes, this is actually one of my own photographs captured during one of my sessions. It was at the end of a family session downtown and the young boy pointed it out to me. I’ve walked this street numerous times and have never seen this guy before.

Sometimes I think as adults we get so wrapped up in the things of the world that we completely forget to enjoy the beautiful and interesting things around us. I know sometimes I am so busy on my phone that I often miss so many things that happen around me.

Put your phone down for a bit today and just look at the world around you. Take in the fresh air, listen to the sounds around you, and enjoy God’s creation.

Prickly Legs!! The Horror!!

So me yesterday!! You think I would remember since I have class every week but I didn’t until I am sitting on the bench outside the studio door. I guess I am grateful for almost see through hair and that we didn’t do barre work where the instructors had to correct leg posture. #agapebutterfly #memes #ballet #dancememes

I Am Rubber You Are Glue

So I admit, I am a full out Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon Cooper fan. When this quote came up during one of the early episodes, I like completely caught on to the meaning behind it. I loved it because it was a derivation of a quote repeated throughout my childhood to deal with bullies. I am quite a quote hoarder so you will see me share lots of quotes!! #agapebutterfly #bigbangtheory #quoteoftheday